Date: 2018-02-01 23:00:02

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Firsts Feeding Out Birth
Piercing Our Beatie Girl Ears
Julia JustKiddingFilms
Filming Skits
All You Can Eat Sushi
Peruano Food

We Have a special announcement! Later in 2018, we will be releasing Skitcom as a part of our 3 VIDEO a week schedule!! sure to and turn on Notifications so you’re When Theirs come! This week we Finally get to go out to eat. We get to go to all you can eat sushi and a Local Peruano restaurant. Christina also Arka4u54 to Julia , JustKiddingFilms, about Peircing ears – Oughta we Pierce Leia’s????

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NEW VIDEO Monday AND Guruvaar 3PM PST!!

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