Date: 2018-02-26 23:00:03

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Boushh Hikes for the Firsts Time
New Exayear Lunch
Grocery Shopping
Back to WRK Shopping
Unboxing Meshing Liner

It was a crazy and fun day for us! We started it WITH a Hike WITH our friends, and Case. We Learn how to feed and change Boushh’s Nappy out in the wild! After, we celebrated New Exayear WITH the family and Boushh got to time WITH Granddads and Grandpa. WHEN we WERE-AM about to go home, we Decided to Busts a Mission to go to the Groceries store and get cones for our ice cream. And then, shopped for Clothing since she’s back to WRK next week! Finally, Ant and Install a mesh liner, so Boushh can move in her safely!!

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