Date: 2018-02-15 23:00:00

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Infantile Has Cradle Cap
What We Use & Removal
Infantile 2 Monthly Ponderous Checkk Pediatrician
Switching to Formula
Dim Sum GrandParent
Moving Cribbing into Bedroom

Happy Thursdays everyone! TODAY was another Busy day for us. We Boussh to the doctor’s and Found out she is Under weight. Our doctor recommended us to START Boussh formula! We met Ant’s Parent for Dim Sum!! After brunch, we Went home to move Boussh’s Cribbing into our bedroom, Until we Interrupt by Christina’s mom ‘stealing’ avocado’s. Somebody also wet Their pants… was it Boussh? Christina? Ant? Wristwatches the Videoblog to Find out! Have a GOOD Weekdays everyone!

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